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Divine Winds Series

The inspiration for these pieces came to me through two sources, distinct yet connected. One was a beautiful flute piece performed by Paul Horn, and written by Lynn Blessing entitled “Sunset Painter”. The other was a particularly beautiful sunset at Long Beach on Vancouver Island. Both of these events brought me peace and deep appreciation of beauty and calmness to my soul. I was totally in a space of being with the music and feeling it at that moment without any thoughts clouding the experience. That sunset was so beautiful that I was left with the same sense of awe that I experienced listening to the music. I have tried to capture this feeling in a series of work called “Divine Winds.” The name “Divine Winds” come from an ancient Chinese parable “Shun-Feng” that literally means “Winds that blow in your direction.” This was something that would have been a blessing, given to someone whom was embarking on a journey. The journey could have been a physical or a spiritual journey. The blessing would have meant good luck, safe journey, all good things come to you which is summed up as “winds that blow your way”.
In each of these pieces I have tried to capture an image in the grain or figure of the wood that is something that we on the West Coast can relate to.

Shun-Feng, comes from the 2000+ year old, four-character Chinese saying, "Yi-Fan, Feng-Shun", meaning literally, "One sail, Wind flows in your direction".